How Do Local Students And Parents Feel About Remote Learning So Far?

For many northern Illinois students, the school year has started either fully or partially online. So how are they faring with Zoom meetings and the distractions of working from home?

WNIJ’s Peter Medlin checked in with a few northern Illinois families. They say remote learning has been more organized than it was in the spring, but it’s still not without its challenges.

“I was never trained to teach someone how to read and write,” explained one DeKalb-area mom. Another says, “I love being able to overhear what they’re saying to their teachers and the way they’re interacting with their classmates.”

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And the West Aurora school district surveyed students recently about how they feel about online learning. They had mixed reactions, with one student explaining, “I feel happy and sad. I like to stay home but I miss all of you.”

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